On average, any one individual can shed around 50-100 hairs daily and this loss of hair is not noticeable. However, excessive hair loss may appear unsightly and could leave bald patches on the head. Hormonal changes, specific medical conditions and aging are also factors that contribute to hair loss, but the most common cause is genetics.

Balding, also known as alopecia, can affect both men and women alike and results in the hair losing its volume. Bald sports may emerge, or hair may be significantly weakened, leading to large clumps falling off when washing or combing. Scalp infection or thyroid issues should also be checked for as these may also contribute to the hair loss.


New hair growth may be expected within 2 months, but results are typically more evident between the 5th to 8th month following treatment. Improvements will continue for up to a year after treatment, after which you may opt for top-up treatments to maintain your appearance.

You may experience minimal swelling and bruising for up to a week after treatment, but this is minor and will subside. Almost no downtime is required and you are able to wash your hair immediately after treatment, but are advised against strenuous activity until the swelling subsides completely. There is very little risk of any side effects as the body’s natural plasma is used in this treatment, making it a safer and more effective option than many other methods used to treat hair loss.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a technique where blood is drawn from a patient, similar to a blood test. A machine is then used to separate the blood into platelets, serum and blood cells; these elements are then reintroduced to the body to induce hair regrowth.

The growth factors released by the platelets help to stimulate inactive hair follicles into producing new hairs which replace the falling ones. This helps to combat both hair thinning and balding. It also promotes healing of the skin and your scalp should become much healthier over time due to active production of new tissue.

Depending on the individual, your doctor will consult and recommend a suitable number of sessions in order to get optimal results.

Modern fillers have a local anaesthetic within the gel which reduces any discomfort. The needle used is very fine and most people find the treatment only mildly uncomfortable.

Following the procedure there may be some mild redness or tenderness in the treated area/s. This usually subsides after a couple of hours and you should be fine to resume your everyday activities within four hours.

The treatment will start to take effect immediately, but the optimum results are usually seen after about 1-2 weeks. We always give you a mirror to see the results and thus you as the patient can control the volume used. We prefer a natural, healthy look but try to accommodate your wishes as much as possible.

The results are not permanent, but should last around 6-9 months.

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